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Hello guys im darla and im the new host for vampire diaries online… i will be updating daily or maybe more than daily and hopefully get a photo gallery setup as soon as i can… give me a few days to get it all setup and i will start posting updates

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Remember that time you were torn between two ridiculously hot brothers who were willing to do pretty much anything for you?

No? Never happened? Well, that’s pretty much the weekly predicament Elena (Nina Dobrev) finds herself in on The Vampire Diaries (it’s hard out there for a vampire muse!), and we can tell you that when the show returns, it’s all coming to a serious head. Not to mention, the show’s biggest baddest vampire, Klaus (Joseph Morgan) might find himself smack-dab in the middle of another steamy new love triangle!

We also have scoop on Smash, Mad Men and 30 Rock. But please, don’t make us tell you what we just found about about New Girl’s Nick and Jess. No, really, we can’t even bring ourselves to say it…

MORE SPOILER CHAT: Get all the latest installments right here!

ThomasJones: Any scenes coming up for Damon and Elena? Stefan and Elena? Any movement on the love-triangle front?
According to a very solid source, the Damon-Elena-Stefan love triangle will “blow wide open” when the show returns for its spring run with the “Heart of Darkness” episode. (Yee!) So, Delena and Stelena fans, prepare yoselves for battle! And don’t forget: TVD boss Julie Plec teased to us more kissing (for all the characters) in the final episodes than all the previous episodes this season combined.

Molly: What can we expect from Tyler’s return? What does it mean for Caroline and Klaus?
Tyler makes his return in “Heart of Darkness” with a big sexy scene between him and Caroline. Hope Klaus doesn’t find out! No, really. You know how Tyler is all sired to him and everything? That would not end well.

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Jennilee: Please something good on Nick and Jess on New Girl!
Well, you know how she’s dating Mr. Fancypants (Durmott Mulroney)? And how our Nick-Jess-shipping hearts could barely take that nasty turn of events? Well, let’s just say we pretty much need a pacemaker after hearing the news that Nick is getting back together with his crazy ex, Caroline, and they are going to be talking about moving in together. It burns! It burns! Make it stop!! Plus, as we reported before, Justin Long (Jess’ ex) is also coming back in the season finale. Gaah! We caught up last night with Lamorne Morris and he told us when Nick moves out, Tom Lennon (Reno 911) moves in, and Tom is apparently so funny in the role that the cast and crew has to take breathers between takes because they are laughing so hard. Which would all be well and good if this all weren’t so tragic for Nick and Jess. Fail!

Mason in Thornton, Colo.: Did we ever find out if January Jones’ pregnancy was written into Mad Men?
No, and January Jones certainly isn’t telling. But she is dropping some hints. “I can’t say whether we used it or not, but I was very happily surprised,” Jones tells us. “And it was what I hoped would happen, so I’m just really excited for the fans to see Betty’s arc this season. I think it’s something we’ve never seen before and it was a challenge for me, but I just feel really good about it.”

Claire in Pikeville, Ky.: So psyched 30 Rock is doing another live episode! Would Jon Hamm return for it?
Great question. Let’s ask Jon Hamm, shall we? “If they ask I’ll happily do it,” he tells us. “It was a lot of fun to do and again, I’m always of the opinion that if they ask me then I’ll happily do it, but for right now I’m just happy to get [Mad Men] out into the world.” So, your hit TV show which you star in comes first before 30 Rock? How rude, Mr. Hamm!

Vee: Smash! I want to see Karen as Marilyn! Is that happening soon?
Don’t hold your breath. Especially once Uma Thurman blows into town. But like executive producer David Marshall Grant told us when we were on set: Anything can happen. “The road to who is going to play Marilyn takes a lot of twists and turns,” he says. “And I think it’s been pretty well known that Uma’s going to be one of the choices of playing Marilyn.” Ivy, Karen and Uma? Geez, Smash, stop hogging all the talent!

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As actress Candice Accola tells The Hollywood Reporter, when the two reunite, “fans will appreciate them for what they are.” Until their meeting happens in Mystic Falls, Caroline has enough to keep her busy: taking care of Bonnie’s newly turned mother Abby, dealing with Klaus’ charming (and devious ways) and getting pulled into the Salvatores’ plans.

Accola spoke to THR about whether Caroline’s perspective on Klaus has changed, a “huge” turning point in next week’s episode “The Murder of One” and how happy Tyler-Caroline fans will be by season’s end.

The Hollywood Reporter: Has Caroline’s outlook changed in any capacity with Klaus?

Candice Accola: I don’t think Caroline’s perspective of Klaus has changed at all. I fall into the trap of just ‘shipping everyone that hasn’t been together in those television shows, like a lot of the viewers, but I think viewers need to remember, and I have to remind myself as well within reading the scene that Klaus is very bad. He’s creating an army, all he wants is power and control and he’s willing to do anything and murder people and he’s not a good guy. I really don’t think Caroline’s let her guard down. Her guard is very much up and she knows exactly what she wants from Klaus, for him to release Tyler from his sirebond so they can actually have a chance to be together. That’s her main goal at this point and she’s not falling into any sort of romanticized version of the possibility of Klaus being a nice guy.

THR: There were moments where it seemed Caroline might have been charmed by Klaus?

Accola: I definitely think that, but also what’s going on here is that we’re finally seeing a sensitive side of Klaus, we’re finally seeing him care about something and not in a way that is based around family. When you see a big angry dog finally ease up you’re like “awww” and it’s easy to fall victim to that. Caroline has relaxed around him in a sense where she can sit next to him and they can have a conversation but one of my favorite things about Caroline is how much she’s developed as a young woman within the show. She doesn’t need the guy to always like her anymore. If this was season 1, Caroline would be head over heels in love with Klaus. Now, she’s grown up , she has much more wisdom and she has a much better sense of herself. I think it’s hilarious that season 1, all she wants is the guy to like her, “Why don’t they like me?,” and in season 3, the guy finally likes her and she’s like, “I don’t want him anymore.” As flattering as it is, she has her wits about her at this point, but we’ll see what happens in the episodes to come.

THR: Will there be more scenes with Stefan and Caroline before the season is over? There was a wonderful dynamic that formed between them ..

Accola: It surprised me too. I really didn’t expect there to be a funny cadence between those characters’ conversations. It fit perfectly into it, especially at that time with Stefan showing her the ropes because Caroline is the perky “play with me play with me” pesky cheerleader and Stefan is more brooding, serious and so they played well together. I think this season there’s been other things to focus on and Caroline’s taken over Stefan’s place in the sense of showing people who are new in their supernatural ability, how to cope with it. There has been no intention to not have Caroline and Stefan be in scenes together, it’s just there’s been so many plot points and story lines going on right now. They’re still there. I’m sure that they’ll eventually have scenes together again.

THR: Can you speak to how Caroline helps Bonnie’s mother Abby adjust to her new supernatural life?

Accola: In the episode we had left off with two weeks ago, Caroline says to Elena, “Bonnie’s the one that gets hurt, it’s always Bonnie that falls victim.” Caroline goes with Bonnie to her mother’s house and they stay and try to ease the transition as best she can and pass on what she’s learned. There are some really beautiful moments that happen within that.

THR: More emotional moments?

Accola: I don’t want to specify to much. You will get to know Abby more and we’ll also get to learn more about the witches’ powers and why they are so special.

THR: What can we expect in “The Murder of One,” airing next week? Caroline gets thrown into Stefan and Damon’s little plan to gain ground on Klaus ..

Accola: The ultimate plan is to take down Klaus. There’s a huge, huge turning point for the show that happens within that episode. It’s very important, if you’re going to miss any episode don’t miss that one. It has very important information. No hints, no hints, it’s that game-changing.

THR: On a scale of 1-10, how happy will Caroline and Tyler fans be by the end of the season?

Accola: I think they’ll be happy.

THR: Care to put a number on it?

Accola: No. I will say there are different forms of happiness and so it might not turn out the way that [one expects]. Let’s just say Caroline and Tyler will have scenes together in the episodes to come and in leading up to the finale. The fans will appreciate them for what they are.

The Vampire Diaries airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. on the CW.

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On tonight’s all-new episode of The Vampire Diaries on The CW, Damon (Ian Somerhalder) and Sage (Cassidy Freeman) work together to find out what Rebekah (Claire Holt) is hiding. Of course fans already know that she’s trying to find the location of the remaining white oak tree in Mystic Falls, because a dagger made of white oak is the only thing that can kill an Original vampire. Fans will also remember that the Originals thought they had destroyed all the white oak trees, but they were mistaken.

And Rebekah undoubtedly wants to stay alive long enough to get back at Elena (Nina Dobrev) for literally stabbing her in the back. But in Elena’s defense she was only doing it as part of the plan to kill Klaus (Joseph Morgan) and keep her friends and family safe. But since Klaus is Rebekah’s brother, she wasn’t too happy about that either. The Originals value family above all else, and Rebekah even forgave Klaus when she found out that he had killed their mother Esther (Alice Evans) a thousand years before.

Of course all of Damon’s plans always include flirting and he shamelessly does so with both Rebekah and Sage, although it’s clear his heart still belongs to Elena. It’s because he loves Elena so much, (and he knows that she still loves his brother) that Damon tells her that Stefan (Paul Wesley) is trying to stop drinking human blood again.

And as usual, Elena tries to help him, but after her epiphany last week where she admitted that she fell for Stefan partly because of his immortality, you have to wonder if her heart is really in it. And it’s not going to be easy for Stefan and Elena to get their relationship back on track. After all that’s happened, The Vampire Diaries fans are probably wondering if they can. And the other half, are just hoping that Elena will just choose Damon instead! Both the actors and the characters have amazing chemistry together!

Meanwhile Bonnie (Kat Graham) and Caroline (Candice Accola) are still preoccupied trying to help Abbey (Persia White) with the tricky transition from human to vampire. It remains to be seen whether Bonnie can forgive Elena for being the reason that her estranged mother was turned in the first place.

And let’s not forget the show’s most recent twist. Ric (Matt Davis) is the most likely suspect in the recent string of murders. From the flashbacks in last week’s episode it was revealed that Ric’s ring once belonged to the granddaughter of Jonathan Gilbert, who went insane and started killing members of the Founder’s Council back in 1912.

Fans of The Vampire Diaries are hoping that rumors of Matt Davis’s departure from the show are untrue. Ric has been a character on the show since it began and it wouldn’t be the same without him. Ric is the closest thing to family that Elena has left since, she sent her brother Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen) away, and Klaus killed
Jenna (Sara Canning).

Tune in to The Vampire Diaries Thursdays at 8pm/7c on The CW, to see if Rebekah’s plan succeeds, if the other members of the Original family like Elijah (Daniel Gilles) and Klaus return, and to find out whether Stefan can kick his human blood habit. And then stay tuned for The Secret Circle at 9pm/8c!

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